Sporting Challenges To Raise Money For Air Ambulance

A series of sporting challenges and a dress-down, casual clothes day for Council staff on Friday will help generate cash for the ‘Fund a Flight’ campaign for the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Children and adults can take part in one of the toughest fitness challenges, the ‘Insanity Workout’ from this evening.

Sports hall manager, Tess Lloyd, says it’s a tough American programme that you can follow for sixty days, although you can dip in and out of the fitness test and workout.

And she says it’s proved a challenge for some islanders who felt they were fit, because you only get a short pause between each different exercise

Tomorrow evening there’s a wet disco for youngsters in the Normandy swimming pool, starting from 7pm with different sessions for pupils of different ages.

More money for the air ambulance will be raised on Friday with a dress down day at the Council, where staff will be able to go casual if they hand over cash.

Tess says the cause was one on which everyone agreed and is very close to the hearts of islanders. She hopes that, if this week-long series of events goes well, they’ll host a similar week of activities in 2013

There’s no cash goal this time and the main event for the charity this year will be the ‘Row-vember’ rowing challenge.

School pupils can try out ‘Insanity’ for £2 from 4pm today. There’ll be a session for adults on Sunday at the sports hall.


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