Councillors Want Public Consultation Over Waste

The Council’s chief technical officer has been told he must hold a public consultation over the management of waste on the islands.

Cllr Dudley Mumford told members at last Thursday’s Policy and Resources committee that this was “long overdue,” and committee chair Amanda Martin said that, with the amount of public worry and concern expressed “on a daily basis for months,” she would warmly back a public meeting.

She said the public were entitled to have their say and bring their suggestions. And it was also a way for the Council to highlight initiatives for recycling and reduction of waste.

Amanda said there were “all kinds of stories going around about things being toxic. We have a duty to reassure people and be as transparent as possible.”

Dudley also wanted members to receive a presentation by the Council’s consultants, SLR, on their strategy for dealing with waste on the islands.

In July SLR gave a special presentation to Defra’s Lord Taylor Of Holbeach during his visit to the islands, and Cllr Richard McCarthy felt it was a shame that they didn’t take that chance to present to Councillors.

Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner, said there were plans in place for SLR to present at the next meeting of the General Purposes Committee on 16th October. “The time is approaching where it would be good to ensure a dialogue with the public,” he said.

Neville said there was “a good news story to tell” about progress at Moorwell with an area cleared for new recycling initiatives, particularly for the re-use of glass. And he told members that there’ll be around £18.5m of funding to sort out the islands’ waste and recycling issues.

Cllr Fred Ticehurst backed that, saying it’s good news that material is being cleared from Moorwell especially against the background of a vast increase in the amount of waste generated from major developments like the school and Porthcressa.

He said, “There is a good job going on and that needs to be portrayed rather than having constant carping and criticism.”


3 Responses to Councillors Want Public Consultation Over Waste

  1. Steve Att September 26, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Intrigued …. what happens to the waste on the mainland? Who pays for it? Where will it go?

  2. Ray Wornes September 26, 2012 at 10:18 am

    I call on the Council to research in depth my strategy for a total change in waste disposal policy ending toxic polluting incineration for good. For 25 years I have been asking for the shipping out of all wastes to the mainland as 1. waste separated at source and
    2. the removal to the mainland of all toxic waste dumped at
    Porthmellon (Moorwell Alps) and now being dumped in Heritage Coastline at Pendrathen. I would like some of that new £2 m AONB cash to be used for landscaping these sites.

    I believe I have the answers to the difficult issues in this very desirable transportation strategy which will clean up waste sites on all islands, landscape and protect Scilly’s natural environment, provide a large area of brown field development at Porthmellon and revitalise our flagging tourism industry. Another most important asset will be the chance to import large tonnages of stone for desperately needed sea defences over the next 30 years. This isn’t carping, this is a constructive strategy employing lateral thinking.

  3. Chris Peat September 25, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    It’s nice to be able to dump garden waste now without getting up to the axles in mud. Traffic control works too!