Council Ups Insurance Cover

The Council has agreed to increase its insurance cover.

The Council has two separate policies. One covers the airport, at a cost this year of just under £50,000 and one is for all other Council activities, including the school, which comes in at £108,000.

Head of Finance, Iain McCulloch, recommended to Councillors at last Thursday’s Policy and Resources committee that both public and employer liability insurance should be increased from £15m per incident to £20m. That will cost the Council an extra £1,410.

Director of Finance, Peter Lawrence-Roberts said there is no particular reason for an increase in cover other than it is good practice and recommended by their insurers. He said it’s purely a matter of housekeeping and ensuring the Council, in line with all other public bodies, has the appropriate insurance cover in place.

The report gave details of past claims on the Council’s insurance policies. Between 2002 and 2012, claims to the value of £72,383 have been made, which include nearly £40,000 related to property and £22,000 for public liability.

There were 16 claims for motor vehicles, four of which occurred in the last year.