Canon Peter Walker Retires From Islands’ Role

Canon Peter Walker

After two years as the islands’ chaplain, Canon Peter Walker has left his role. He’s retiring from the Diocese of Truro.

Peter was originally asked to come for a year when there were concerns that the role would be difficult to fill after the departure of Father Guy Scott.

He says it’s been his shortest career posting so he was happy to extend his time here by a year. And he says the time has flown by, as if he only started here ‘five minutes ago.’

Peter says hasn’t achieved all he wanted to and would have liked to have worked more with the islands’ younger people. He came to establish a stronger link between the islands and the cathedral, and feels that has been achieved, although he says keeping that relationship going is difficult because of the problems with travelling to the mainland for routine church meetings.

Peter, as chaplain to the islands, has also been a school governor. That role will now be filled by a Diocese appointment until his replacement, Canon Paul Miller, has settled in.

Peter says he’d want his successor to appreciate how different island life is, with molehills turning into mountains very rapidly. He says sometimes you just have to stand back and get some perspective.

There have been some special moments that he’ll treasure from his time here, including the funeral of Obi Hicks, where the whole of St Agnes turned out to celebrate a man that Peter says they obviously loved.


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