Three Planning Decisions Going To Appeal

Buzza Tower

Three planning decisions will be taken out of local Councillors’ hands after going to appeal.

Andrew Combes’ vision to bring the Buzza Tower back into use as a tourist attraction, as a camera obscura, will be decided by the Bristol-based Planning Inspectorate.

He gained the right to appeal after the Town Hall took too long to make a decision. The inspector is likely to visit the site and decide whether it may go ahead within the next month.

Paul Charnock wants to remove and replace wooden-framed windows at Flat 1, Quay House at The Bank.

Councillors said he couldn’t replace them with woodgrain finish uPVC units. His appeal will be decided by the middle of November.

And St Austell Brewery is fighting the Council’s refusal of consent to house a large fridge inside a new garden shed behind Trekieve on Hugh Street. Some neighbours are concerned about the noise.


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