Planning Dilemma Over Window Options

Plans to provide sea views for two adjoining properties at Porthloo have been passed by planners.

The owners of Newfort Cottage want to add a first floor window and a second floor Juliet balcony. They’ll also put extra windows in the southwest elevation of Newfort House as part of plans to create two separate dwellings.

Planners were presented with three different schemes with a mix of proposals, including replacing the balcony with a window and changing the current uPVC windows for traditional wooden versions, which Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden said would significantly enhance the appearance of the building.

However, none of the three were ‘just right.”

Planning vice chair, Amanda Martin, felt the Juliet balcony wasn’t appropriate for the property and, in the end, councillors proposed negotiating with the applicant for a fourth option. That would be one without the balcony and with replacement of the uPVC windows.

Councillors eventually passed that, subject to the necessary negotiations being acceptable.


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