Councillors Vote For More Control Of Press Releases

All press releases issued on behalf of the Council will need to be signed of by at least two Councillors.

That’s the new rule passed at last Thursday’s Policy and Resources committee.

Committee chairman, Amanda Martin said, in recent weeks, several members had been in the situation of reading information in the press that they were supposed to be aware of and she wanted to avoid that in the future.

Cllr Dudley Mumford agreed, saying members can be taken to task by the public when they have little knowledge or background info. He said, “that leaves us in a potentially embarrassing situation. “

Amanda wanted all press statements made on behalf of members to be signed off by three members, including the chair and vice chair of Council and the relevant committee chair.

However, this was reduced to two when Director of Finance, Peter Lawrence-Roberts said it would be difficult to respond quickly if approval of all three members had to be sought.

Councillors also voted to elect Cllr Gaz O’Neil to join the Communications team.  He’ll sit alongside existing members, Mike Hicks, Richard McCarthy and Marian Bennett.


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