Mental Health Group Being Established

The islands’ health watchdog is setting up a group to look at mental health provision.

Carol Clark from LINk4Scilly says they’ve heard concerns about mental health support on the islands, which they’d like to pursue, but need a few volunteers to devote some time to the issue.

There have been several incidents recently on the islands that have highlighted problems with mental health provision here, particularly the designation of a ‘place of safety’ for ill patients. The issue was also flagged up in LINk’s annual survey.

LINk has been asked to join a group, which includes experts, service users and commissioners in mental health, and take part in a regional consultation.

Carol says they’d like to contribute, but don’t really have enough knowledge or information.

They intend to establish a small task group to gather information about current provision in areas like dementia care, depression, anxiety, or any other aspect of mental health and wellbeing.

Carol says all community feedback is held in confidence.

If you would like to get involved you should contact Carol at LINk4Scilly.