Skybus Meeting NHS Today To Discuss Flying During Pregnancy

Skybus managers and NHS commissioning team members will meet today to discuss how they will transport pregnant women from Scilly to the mainland on Skybus.

They hope to agree the launch of the new stretcher service.

There had been concerns that women over 36 weeks may face difficulties in getting to hospital once the helicopter service ends, but Steamship Company bosses say the stretcher facility is due to be in place by November to tie in with the date when BIH cease operations.

Last week, St Mary’s resident Harriet Smith told us she was worried that she may have to travel to Cornwall well in advance of her C-section, which will be after the helicopter service ends.

After our broadcast she was contacted by a Steamship Company official who said that, if Harriet provides a medical certificate stating that she is fit and healthy, she will be allowed on a flight at 39 weeks pregnant.

Harriet’s health care professionals will make the final decision based on her well being. She’s been told that if she cannot take a normal flight, she’s been offered the stretcher service, if medics think that is suitable.