Councillors Anxious To Remove Waste Mountain Says Chairman

Waste management site at Moorwell

The Council Chairman says Councillors are anxious to get the Moorwell Alp sorted before the current Council is dissolved for next May’s elections.

Mike Hicks was responding to Porthloo resident Pauline Mawer’s questions over how the dump is being dealt with.

Mike says white goods have already been removed from the site, with some being taken to the mainland. Material that can be recycled for building work has gone for crushing at Pendrathen and Mike says he’s confident no other waste is being relocated to the quarry site.

While a new incinerator is part of the future plan, Mike says the current one will work around the clock to reduce the mound.

The Council is currently paying waste consultants, SLR to devise a strategy for waste and for spending a £5m grant awarded by Defra.

Mike accepted that their services are costly. They’ve billed £62,000 so far this financial year, but Mike says they have been hired for their expertise and advice, in the same way that the Town Hall buys legal help.

And he says our Council is too small to have that type of expertise in-house.

Cllr Hicks hasn’t seen the SLR plans, but says Members should have a copy by the next General Purposes meeting.

He says the members will make the decisions on how to implement a plan for waste and he’s keen to hand over a robust strategy to the new Council that will be elected next year.

However, Radio Scilly has been contacted by St Mary’s resident Ray Wornes, who thinks there could be an alternative to a new incinerator. Ray says he’s trying to arrange a meeting with the Environment Agency, SLR and leading Councillors to discuss transportation of separated waste to the mainland, rather than incineration.

He said: “I am extremely upset that within 24 hours the Chairman of the Council has spoken on the radio implying that the policy is already set and Councillors must take a decision based on SLR’s report on incineration next month without any other option being considered.

“This is yet another example of Council Officers making policy without proper consideration of all other options by Councillors and members of the community.“