Lessons Learned From Emergency Exercise

The Islands’ Emergency Planning manager, Rhona Holland, says her team has learned lessons from a simulated plane crash.

Exercise Jubilee faked an accident involving a twin otter aircraft on the evening of September 4th.

The community bus was used to represent the hull of the aircraft, with volunteers playing the role of casualties inside a smoke-filled cabin.

Fire & rescue, police, ambulance crews, the coastguard, Council and volunteers took part to enable the Civil Aviation Authority to observe the airport’s emergency procedures, as part of an ongoing assessment of safety management systems. Their staff were in attendance on the night.

Officials praised the commitment and focus of all the participants who took part in the exercise with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Howard Cole, from St Mary’s Airport said the CAA were pleased with their organisation and procedures and, “the airport has learned from a valuable exercise.”

There were some challenges. The police were called out to a real incident after an elderly visitor went missing, so they couldn’t attend the whole event. And a training session on running a ‘Survivor Reception Centre’ was cancelled, as the speaker was fogbound.

Local health staff stepped into to plan how they’d deal with the injured.

Rhona says last Thursday’s debrief showed they need more work on the Survivor Reception Centre and communication between emergency services, but she’s happy how the event went.