New Bins Could Be Bought For Public Spaces

The Council is considering replacing the plastic litter bins seen currently in public areas on the islands with wooden ones.

Members of the AONB’s Joint Advisory Committee heard at their meeting last Thursday that the Council had identified suitable wooden bins, but installing these would cost in the region of £20,000, almost three times the cost of equivalent new plastic bins.

They would be similar to the recycling bins that are to be installed in Porthcressa as part of the Regeneration project.

David Senior said they were considering applying to the AONB for Sustainable Development Fund resources to cover the additional cost, although AONB manager Trevor Kirk warned that this would only be available if the Council did not have a statutory duty to provide bins in public spaces.

Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, said surveys that had been performed for the AONB early last decade had criticised some of the street furniture in Hugh Town and he said there was a desire to make this more appropriate for the setting.

He felt this was an opportunity to put that right although getting furniture of a higher design has a huge impact on Council resources.

Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner, told us the current bins have been in service for quite a few years and they’d like to build on the improvement that has already been achieved by the more aesthetically pleasing street lighting columns as part of the street-scene in the more picturesque parts of the town.

He added the intention is to try and source bins that are practical to maintain as well as looking better in the local setting and it is intended to increase the number of bins once suitable locations are established.