Scilly’s Police Station Cells Inspected

There’s been an unannounced visit to check the standard and quality of the St Mary’s police station detention facilities.

The Police Authorities in England have procedures in place for laypeople to come and inspect cells for cleanliness and whether there are ligatures which prisoners could cause injury to prisoners.

When people are in custody, they can also talk to them and ask how they are being treated as well as observe police procedures.

Two women arrived on the Scillonian III on Wednesday and luckily PC Collier was around, as St Mary’s police station is normally only guaranteed to be open between 9am and 10am.

Sergeant Colin Taylor was on a rest day but was on the island. He says the visiting volunteers asked about solicitor access and wanted to know whether they had a food probe to check the heat of meals.

Colin says they don’t but our local police would only normally hold a prisoner for up to six hours, unless there were exceptional circumstances. Colin says if people in the cells wanted a meal they’d send someone out to Plowmans for a pasty and the laypeople seemed happy with that.

A report of their visit will be sent to the Police Authority.