AONB To Replace Its Planning Consultative Panel

The Isles of Scilly AONB is to disband its Planning Consultative Panel and replace it with reports written by officers.

The group, currently made up of four members, Johann Hicks, Zoe Julian, Richard Farr and Trevor Kirk, was set up in 2005 to provide independent advice to planners on areas that could impact on the AONB’s role of conserving and enhancing the environment.

Reports from the PCP are regularly discussed in the Council’s planning meetings.

AONB manager, Trevor Kirk said it was proving difficult to recruit, train and retain PCP members as the work is time-consuming and requires a working knowledge of national and local planning policy.

AONB staff will now draft responses to planning applications with the organisation’s management board, the JAC, reviewing this for quality and consistency.

Trevor said that won’t be a drain on AONB resources or affect the quality of the reviews.

Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, said the PCP had been extremely beneficial and added real value to the planning process by ensuring any development proposal was properly assessed.

He said, “I am confident that we will continue to receive professional advice through the planning process on issues relevant to the AONB.”