Bikers Gather For Buntzigg Club Barbecue

St Mary’s motorbike enthusiasts were out to celebrate their biking passion and raise money for the Air Ambulance and the Phoenix Stroke Appeal last night, as the Buntzigg MC Club held their annual barbecue and raffle at the Old Town Inn.

The turn out was down, with around 15 bikes taking part, because they’ve held the event later in the season this year, but organiser James Sherris was pleased that plenty of bikers had taken their machines out for the evening.

He says last year they raised £600 and he was hoping to achieve £250 this year. But the group actually managed to raise £450.

James says it’s a good chance for the local bikers to show the community they’re not all “hoodlums that go round terrorising people!”

And he’s proud of the club’s unique name. His mother discovered the word when she worked in a Dutch bulb field in the 1950s and is North Holland slang was a type of weasel.