Council Launches Housing Needs Survey

Recently-constructed social housing on Bryher

Your views on housing needs are being sought by the Council following the launch of their first Housing Needs Survey since 2005.

They want your views on affordability of accommodation and what you feel will be future requirements. And they want to know whether you think there should be more housing and, if so, how much.

The council’s chair of Community Services, Richard McCarthy, says they need the response data to support their case for funding when they talk to the Homes and Communities Agency

The council only want islanders to answer and you’ll have to give your address to prove that you’re local.

Richard says potential building sites have been identified, such as an area at Telegraph and the old secondary school site, but even if the need is there, the council will still need to convince the government for building cost subsidies.

He says there are a number of ways schemes could be funded including the use of community land trusts. The beauty of these, says Richard, is that they appear to be able to attract funding more easily than Local Authorities or even Housing Associations because they can permit a mix of self-build and shared ownership options along with rental, but any onward sale automatically goes back to the Trust for allocation.

The 40-question survey is available from the Town Hall reception until 28th September and can also be completed online here.


Community Land Trusts ?

4 Responses to Council Launches Housing Needs Survey

  1. Adam Morton,St.Martins September 14, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Building beautifull spacious houses like the last lot will never be the answer,The population will simply expand to fill whatever there is and always couples with children will win out over single men in terms of priority and couples in long term well paid employment will get whats left.What we dont have is anywhere for first timers to start.If I had waited for somone to give me a house I would still be waiting, I had to build a 106 house that I can never own at my own expence,but I appreciate not everyone will have the skills and wherwithall to do this .What scilly does not have is infinate space .I know people who have lived 8-10 years illegaly in sheds ,glasshouses and winter letts who have evenually, deservidly got a house and have shown commitment to wanting to live here rather than just wanting to be housed.I think the 106s were a good step in the right direction limiting the number that can be bought by outsiders as retirment ,holiday homes.I also think that future developments should be limited to what the tennants can afford and need.Making rents artifically lower for bigger and better houses simply means whoever gets them will never move on,putting us straight back where we were with no social housing.

  2. David September 14, 2012 at 8:51 am

    And yet one of our senior councillors recently complained that she was over housed, also, duchy houses have been rented out to wealthy mainlanders who after a winter experience on the islands, decide its not for them at the expense of local youngsters that have had to leave.

  3. pat September 13, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    Good idea Adam ,but Sorry i think the islanders are way down the list for housing, our oldest son left because they could not get any where, our second son did not get anywhere till he was 29 years, which was a bedsit for 2 years.he was just offered a one bedroom flat last march. thank you to the housing officer and Nicky. there are so many young couples moving here and needing housing that locals are expected to live with family’s etc, our Daughter is expecting soon and they would love to have a more permenant place to live. what they got is pretty good but its private rental which is more expensive and not really child friendly. nobody’s fault, just wish i knew the answer, hopefully i’ll win the loto eh , good luck Richard.

  4. Adam Morton,St.Martins September 13, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    I no longer require housing but the problem remains the same as ever it was and what the last round of social housing did nothing to addresse.It is virtually impossible for young singles or couples to get short to medium term accomodation as in a flat equivalent. What we need is CHEAP SMALL houses on short leases.Somthing like the staff houses on dolphin row Tresco, that are small enough that people have to move on if they wish to start a familly and make room for the next lot of youngsters.And built on out of the way waste land NOT on green field sites.We need more young working age people on the off islands and there is little prospects for anyone without a guaranteed income and no rent history.