Scilly’s IFCA Still Searching For New Board Member

If you’re interested in fishing and marine conservation you’re being invited to stand for the islands’ IFCA board.

The panel operates separately from the Council and has powers to set its own bylaws, regulations and local policies in order to protect and preserve fish stocks and promote sustainability in our marine environment.

The Marine Management Organisation, which is based in Newcastle, wants to appoint another person to serve for four years alongside existing members Robert Francis and Tim Allsop.

When the IFCA was created as the replacement for the Sea Fisheries Committee, six people went for the three roles. IFCA officer Steve Watt says he’s surprised that the unsuccessful applicants hadn’t applied again and this is the third time the role has been advertised.

Steve says he’s surprised there hasn’t been more interest considering the small but essential role fishing plays on the islands.

He says the MMO would like another working fisherman to replace Tim Richards, who resigned, but they are willing to be flexible as long as the candidate has an interest in commercial fishing.

The MMO could appoint a mainland resident to the role if there isn’t someone found from the islands.

Applicants have two weeks to express an interest through Steve.