Transport Pressure Group Step Up Campaign

The Scillonian III

FRIST, the pressure group that is pushing for the government to give the islands the same subsided travel deal and year round sea survey that Scottish islanders have, has launched the next phase of it’s campaign to drum up support for Scilly’s cause.

The Friends of Isles of Scilly Transport has launched a website,, and they want people to sign up to show that they are backing the campaign.

Advisory group member Marian Bennett says she’d like islanders to get five friends to support FRIST on facebook and on their own site.

Marian says there’s no numerical goal, and no magic trigger, just the need to make the government realise that Scilly is very important to far more people than simply the 2,000 islanders, as many people want to get here.

Marian says that the numbers of names required for a national e-petition are way beyond whatever Scilly, its visitors, and people in Penzance can achieve, but if islanders are frustrated or fearful as to what the future holds for transport links with the mainland, then she feels that support of FRIST is the way to get the islands’ voice heard in Parliament.

Marian says most islanders are very busy and important issues like transport get put on the back burner in the belief that someone else will do something about it. That, she says, is what FRIST is there for.

The group is a joint Scilly and Penzance project and Marian believes that the loss of the helicopter service has prompted many Penzance people to recognise the economic impact on their town from the transport links with Scilly.

FRIST has the support of both the Penzance Chamber of Commerce and the business group, Future Penzance.


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