Tresco Featuring Heavily In Photoshoots

Tresco’s marketing manager, Alasdair Moore, says he’s delighted at the amount of publicity the island will receive following photoshoots for magazines over the next month.

Next week, the Cornwall and Devon regional clothing chain, Seasalt, will spend ten days on the island as they use models to pose for their new brochure. There’ll be two separate editions, one featuring backdrops on Tresco, the other will include other islands here in Scilly.

The Travel magazine Conde Naste is also coming with a model to pose for a travel article.

And later this month the Amercican Express cardholders’ magazine, Departures, will feature the island.

That is sent to around 1million of the credit card company’s US-based customers. Alasdair admits it is ironic that the credit card isn’t accepted on Tresco but says the company has said that doesn’t matter.