Scilly Leading The Way On Cycling

Figures released by the Department for Transport show Scilly is leading the way in the number of journeys made by bicycle.

Scilly was placed second among UK local authorities for the regular use of bikes, coming in just behind Cambridge. The data show that 37% of people here cycle once a week with 17% cycling five times a week and that’s significantly higher than the southwest as a whole.

Mark Prebble from St Mary’s Bike Hire, said people cycle here because it is easy, the traffic is generally limited to peak periods and it’s seen as a cost effective way of travelling around the islands.

He said people appreciate that cycling can increase fitness, help with weight loss, bring a smile to your face and generally make the environment a happier place.

Mark also acknowledged that this year’s Olympics and Paralympics have raised awareness of cycling even higher.

And the number of bikes on the islands’ roads is set to increase with the Council’s recent introduction of a ‘cycle-to-work’ scheme, which provides employees with a tax-efficient way to buy a new bike.

The data was based on Sport England’s annual ‘Active People Survey,’ which polled 160,000 people across the country.