Nature Documentary Maker To Give Talk On Islands

Andrew Cooper

An international award–winning wildlife filmmaker, whose documentaries helped put Scilly on the map, will talk about the secrets of nature film production next weekend.

Andrew Cooper, who is vice president of the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, first came to the islands in 1982 and went on to produce three big-budget broadcasts for the BBC, highlighting the diversity of the islands birds, animals and plant life.

I He says Scilly has some of the most amazing wildlife in the British Isles because it’s at the crossroads between the north and south and Andrew says he doesn’t know any other location in the country with that diversity.

In today’s money, some of the programmes, like ‘The Lost Lands of Scilly’ would have cost around £500,000 to produce. At one point, he had an underwater cameraman based here for 4 months just waiting for the best conditions to film.

The documentaries have promoted the islands well as they have been viewed by 100 million people in 30 countries.

Andrew says he wants to give people a glimpse into making a documentary and the story-telling that’s involved in the art. He’ll talk about his film-making at the Church Hall at 8pm on Sunday, in an event supported by the Wildlife Trust.