Tresco Residents Petition Council Over Waste Management

New Grimsby, Tresco

Every Tresco resident and independent business has signed a petition demanding that the island is treated fairly by the Council’s waste policy.

In a letter to all members, Tresco councillors Mike Nelhams and Robert Dorrien-Smith explain that this 46-signature petition was created when islanders heard that the chief technical officer, Neville Gardner, had allegedly instructed the Council’s waste consultants SLR to exclude Tresco from their report to Defra.

That report brought about Defra’s waste management grant for all the islands.

The Town Hall deny that any instruction has been given to exclude Tresco from the consultants report and say SLR visited Tresco on several occasions. They add that Mr Gardner took Defra minister Lord Taylor to Tresco to show him the recycling facilities.

The Tresco councillors say that it’s been a longstanding grievance that council tax payers there pay the same as all other islanders, but receive no waste management services from the Council.  It’s the Estate that provides collection, separation, recycling and composting services at no charge to islanders and independent businesses on Tresco.

The Town Hall acknowledged that Tresco is a private estate and this creates unique issues and challenges with waste.

They say they do dispose of some Tresco waste and although the island doesn’t receive all the services available elsewhere, no commercial operation has ever been charged on Tresco by the Council.

However, the Tresco councillors want the situation addressed.

Council press officer George Pearson says they are in discussion with Defra to address the concerns of residents on Tresco and says they’ll liaise closely with the councillors to ensure that the best possible solution for all the islands can be reached.

The scope of funding and work that could be undertaken on Tresco is yet to be determined and they say discussions are open.


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