Islands’ Resident Unhappy Over Co-op Elections

A Garrison resident wants to talk to the Co-op management about the islands’ representation on the regional members’ board. That’s the panel of elected representatives who are meant to feedback views and look after customers’ interests.

Alan Davis failed to get elected to the Cornwall and Scilly panel in the recent poll.

Four mainland candidates were chosen to serve for three years and another six people were unsuccessful. It was Alan’s second attempt and he feels that the islands need their own seat to look after our special interests.

He’s looked at the society’s constitution and believes a seat could ring-fenced for Scilly if there was willing on the part of the organisation.

Alan has also requested a break down of eligible voter numbers and votes cast as he feels mainland candidates will always be elected because there are simply more people over there.

And Alan has questioned the success of Co-op employees in the ballot – he claims one of those voted in was a manager of the Penzance store, and he thinks the panel should be made up of shoppers. He’s also flagged up concerns that some islanders didn’t receive ballot papers. The closing date for the ballot was extended because of that.

Co-op spokesperson Steve Broughton said they’re a democratic organisation and committed to ensuring that members have a voice. Elections are held in a fair and transparent manner, he says.

Alan has asked for the name of the Electoral Reform Commission official who monitored the poll.

The Co-op says they will respond to Mr Davis directly in due course.


5 Responses to Islands’ Resident Unhappy Over Co-op Elections

  1. Bill Hiner September 6, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    If, like me, you are cooking for guests, it is simply not feasible to rely on the Co-oP on a regular basis. This is the land of B&B/self-catering and the shame is that the shop does not seem to recognise this.
    I feel sorry for the hard working staff, who have to put up with the same complaints all the time.
    Yes I bake bread, yes I have a Delia cookbook, but that doesn’t hack it on a larger scale. And as ex-army, I can tell you that their supplies are far superior to ours!
    This is not an “odd occasion” problem.

  2. lynn September 6, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Please leave it out. Our Cooperative supplies could feed an army for a week if need be. Anyone that cannot serve up a good meal from items bought within our store needs a good cookbook. I can recommend Delia.
    Learn how to bake a loaf, store fresh food properly so as to prolong nutritional lifetime it is not rocket science. We do live on an island so a store cupboard for the odd occasion when, through weather, supplies are delayed is no brainer too.

  3. Steve Att September 6, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Co-op is to small espescially during the summer. When I was young it used to be bigger – a separate off licence section – and an upstairs. Staff do a great job dealing with surly holiday makers who complain over lack of offerings (or opening of tills to serve a local!!).

  4. John Taverney September 6, 2012 at 10:40 am

    I think Alan should look at the results; after the four seats were filled, he came 3rd. There was representation on the Area Committee (please get this right, it is an Area Committee, not Regional Board) a couple of years ago, so it shows that if you have the right candidate they can succeed. At the end of the day, it is a democratic process – the members have spoken. Try again next year or perhaps someone else should throw their hat in the ring.

  5. Bill Hiner September 5, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    The staff who work at The Co-oP do a great job. My issue is with the poor quality food that is offered here. A lack of fresh fish/fruit and vegetables which would not be acceptable anywhere else in the UK., and a shop so poorly designed that it beggars belief. Bread is often sold out, which tells me that not enough is ordered. I wish the simple basic foods were readily available, which they are not.
    This is not “local” shop and I feel that because local folk make up the staff we feel a need to use it more tha it deserves.
    As for me-I’m off to order on-line-at least I knoe I can get what I want and not what the Co-oP masters think I want!
    Plenty of alcohol though, so perhaps that’s what the Co-oP HQ think of us!