Youngsters Start Jubilee Sailing Trust Adventure

The tall ship Tenacious

Three islands’ youngsters will be travelling to London today to start a tall-ship sailing adventure designed to build their leadership skills.

Anna Sibley, Lewis Johnson and Nathan Street have all been selected to take part in the week-long Jubilee Sailing Trust voyage.

Tony Major, Treasurer of the U3A’s Jubilee Sailing Trust subgroup, said the ladies of the group have worked incredibly hard to raise the £600 needed to send each youngster on the course.

Tony says they’ve received sponsorship from the Rotary Club, the Duchy and the Islands’ Freemasons, and the three participants also raised around £150 each through a raffle, with prizes donated by local businesses.

He says the U3A had originally planned to send only two representatives from the islands but managed to raise enough for three places.

The youngsters will be travelling to London by coach tomorrow evening and joining the ship on Sunday. The weather will dictate where they go, but the itinerary could include Ireland, the Netherlands or France.

Tony says this is definitely not a holiday and will be hard work, but rewarding, for the participants.

The ship is crewed by both able-bodied and disabled people and participants will be expected to support each other during the week. Able-bodied members will experience how their crewmates overcome their disabilities by spending time in a wheel chair or blindfolded while working on the ship.

Tony says it’s a great way for the young people to understand the challenges that their crewmates face.

He added that, following the success of this year’s fundraising, they’ll be looking to send more people next year.