Young Visitor To Scilly Raises Over £200 For Lifeboat

Tom Burrows

A young visitor to Scilly has raised over £200 for the St Mary’s lifeboat during his family holidays to the islands.

12-year old Tom Burrows, from Combe Down in Somerset, raised another £30 last week by decorating sea shells he had collected on the beaches during his week-long stay and then “selling” them to visitors in and around the Star Castle Hotel.

On his way to the airport to catch the helicopter home, he stopped off at the Lifeboat Station to drop the cash into the collection box.

This is the fourth holiday that Tom has spent on St Mary’s, raising money for the RNLI.

He dreamed up the novel money-raising idea when he was eight and, since then, with the encouragement of the staff and visitors at the Star Castle, he has raised almost £200 for St Mary’s lifeboat from his shell sales. He’s even appeared in the RNLI magazine.

RNLI representative on the islands, Steve Watt, says the organisation gets no money from central government and depends entirely on fund raising and charitable donations to keep going.

He said Tom is an excellent example of a selfless young person who gives up time during his holiday to collect money for our local station.

And Steve said when Tom’s on holiday next year, he’s sure they could arrange a tour of the lifeboat and a chance to meet the crew.