Tresco’s Abbey Gardens Given Plants Seized By Customs

Tresco’s Abbey Gardens will be growing some plants that were seized by customs.

The Estate has a special relationship with Kew Gardens and they have been given some small, palm tree-like Cycads, which were brought into Britain without permission. The plants were confiscated from a collector who didn’t have a license to import them.

Often customs will contact Kew to see whether they want undeclared plants.

Mike Nelhams is the curator of the Abbey Gardens. He says they have a good relationship with Kew who often offer Tresco plants that they don’t require or that have outgrown their glass houses, because they know our climate will support the biggest variety of plants grown outdoors in Britain.

The Cycads, from South Africa, grow to around three feet tall, and Mike says they’ll be brought over next week and planted by next season.