Maize Maze Opens On St Agnes

If someone tells you to get lost on St Agnes today don’t get upset, they could just be pointing out the islands’ latest attraction.

Ben Hicks and brother Joff have created a maze out of the cereal crop, maize, and they’ll be opening it up to the public to raise funds for the Island Hall project.

Joff said it was a bit of an experiment when they started planning it in the flower field at Tamarisk Farm several months ago. Ben designed the layout and the borders were planted with the crop earlier in the summer.

Unfortunately, the poor growing season this year means the plants haven’t reached their full height, so Joff says the only people likely to get seriously puzzled by the maze will be toddlers, but there’ll also be drinks and drop scones on sale.

Joff says if it’s a success, they’ll think about doing a similar event next year, perhaps planting a bit earlier in the season. They’ll also leave it open after today so people can have a go in their own time.

The maze will be open from 11am to 2pm on Periglis Hill, just up from the church.