Favourable Response To St Mary’s Quay Plans

The majority of the people who went to view plans for the redevelopment of St Mary’s harbour were pleased with what they saw during the two consultation sessions at the Old Wesleyan Chapel yesterday.

But organisers say there were some recurring complaints and concerns.

Some of the ninety attendees were unhappy about plans to build a restaurant and three retail units as part of the redeveloped Harbourside Hotel.

The Council’s Diana Mompoloki says those plans have been submitted by the Duchy of Cornwall and are a separate application to the infrastructure redevelopment.

Though were some requests to increase the capacity of the waiting room to match the number of potential boat passengers, the project team say they haven’t space for up to 600 seats.

Drivers delivering goods or picking up passengers wanted confirmation that there would be easy access to the freight and drop-off areas. The turning circle, which will be built in an extended area behind the current freight area, is said to be wide enough to turn around the current fire service tender.

From Radio Scilly

Architect Chris Wood talks about the plans for the quay

Project architect Chris Wood says the ticket office will be where the current office is, but some people didn’t like that. He said they felt the ticket office is at the wrong end of the harbour building, although Chris says with a new covered walkway running the length of the building, this will mean queuing passengers are protected from the elements.

There’ll be three freight storage areas accommodating chilled and frozen food. Some off-island farmers felt they could be used to keep flowers for export cool and there were some concerns whether the units would be able to withstand the elements.

Chris says they’ve chosen a render-clad finish for the new build elements of the Harbourside Hotel, following discussions with planners and English heritage, as it’s a listed building.

Some respondents were also unhappy at the level of light pollution, which they feel the quay generates at night. Chris says the plans for the new quay would redistribute the current lighting and wouldn’t add to the nighttime glow.