Council Confirms No Dumping At Pendrathen

Pendrathen Quarry

The Council has reconfirmed that waste material is not being dumped at Pendrathen.

Two weeks ago, McFarland’s Down resident Ray Wornes shared his concerns that the Town Hall was allowing the quarry to be used as an overspill for Moorwell dump.

Ray was concerned that Pendrathen and Bar Point, areas subject to a public enquiry about their use as waste sites in the late 1980s, were being highlighted for that purpose. The enquiry ruled against that at the time.

The Town Hall maintains that rock and rubble is being crushed there and that it will be recycled for the building trade. They’ve commended the initiative, which is being undertaken by a private contractor.

But local resident and councillor, David Pearson, feels that whether waste is being dumped at Pendrathen, depends on the definition of dumping.

David says soil material has also been placed on the site and material is being left there, which could constitute dumping.

Councillor Dudley Mumford, who also lives nearby, feels that locals should have been informed about the extra traffic and the work, because of the sensitivity of the site following the 80s hearings.

Dudley and David say that, despite being councillors, they weren’t told about the work beforehand and neighbours should have been informed.

Town Hall press officer George Pearson says as the operation is being carried out by a private company, using a private road that provides access to the quarry, and it doesn’t fall within the Council’s remit.


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