Guesthouse Applies For Self-Catering Switch

Another St Mary’s guesthouse could change to self-catering.

Chris and Sheila Thomas who own Auriga have applied to planners for permission to change from B&B to self-catering, with a holiday annexe. The couple say that the business has been on the market for three years and hasn’t sold.

They are concerned that climbing the two flights of stairs to the apartment in order to service the B&B accommodation could become a problem with their increasing age.

They want to turn their second floor bathroom into a kitchen and make the first and second floors into rental units. That, they say, will provide them with an income and they won’t have to sell the property. They’d live on the ground level.

There would be no external changes.

Planners have looked favourably on recent requests to switch to self-catering. In the last two years, Trelawney, Santa Maria and Lyonnesse guesthouses have all been granted consent for the change.

In May, the Council’s Tourism department claimed that B&B bookings in June and July were down by 50%, whereas self-catering accommodation numbers were holding up.

There are currently 1194 self-catering bed spaces and 840 B&B or hotel spaces.