Warning Over Portuguese Man-Of-War Jellyfish

If you’re going to the beach today, you’re being warned to keep away from Portuguese man-of-war.

The jellyfish-like creatures turned up on Porthcressa Beach yesterday and Chris Thomas saw two of the turquoise organisms in the Little Porth area.

He was once badly stung by one and wants to make sure that parents are aware of the danger of touching them. Some people can suffer severe shock and injury if they have an allergic reaction to their stings.

Julie Love from the Wildlife Trust says they do appear here every few years, although they are quite rare. The discovery of a few usually means there are many more as they often congregate.

If you are stung, salt water is better than freshwater and if you get a reaction you should contact the hospital.

Jan Loveridge who mans the wildlife strandings hotline of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust says you can report any sightings on (0845) 201 2626. She says removal of dead man-of-war is the responsibility of the beach owner and, in the case of Porthcressa, that would be the Council.

Jan says they haven’t had many sightings of them around Cornwall in recent year. Often other wildlife follows them and there may be increased sightings of turtles as a result.