Two New Wrecks May Have Been Found

Sonar map of the seabed

Two new wrecks may have been uncovered by a St Mary’s diver, and one could be of a plane which crashed into the sea.

Now, Todd Stevens wants to complete more dives in the deeper-water area at the back of St Agnes to see whether sonar scans have found an underwater crash site.

There were a number of plane crashes during the Second World War around the islands and Todd’s been undertaking painstaking survey work using a magnetic detection device called a magnetometer which can identify metals.

Todd is intrigued by the symmetrical shape on the seabed which he feels could be what’s left of a wood and canvas-built plane, just the cockpit and engine. His second find, he believes, is one half of a ship.

Todd has given that find, near to St Mary’s, the working title of the Lizzie.

He believes it’s historic as there are two iron guns under the surface, on what he believes is wooden wreckage below.

Sonar images reveal two visible guns elsewhere around the site, although Todd says that’s just what he can see and there may be more that he hopes will be revealed in future dives.

He hopes to get in the water over the next few weeks and piece together more evidence, which may prove or disprove his initial thoughts.