Third Time Lucky For Rescheduled St Martin’s Fete

Early indications are that St Martin’s fete is well on the way to achieving the figure of around £6,000 their committee hoped to bring in for the community hall appeal.

It was a third time lucky for the annual fundraiser which had been rescheduled twice following forecast bad weather and was held at Pool Green on Sunday.

Islanders and locals mixed with some celebrity faces like Gary Kemp and Jude Law, enjoying cricket, the bouncy castle, cakes and a barbecue, for which there was a long queue through much of the lunchtime period.

One unique St Martin’s attraction each year is the ‘human fruit machine’ where three local men take the place of the fruit icons in the slot machine windows and hold-up real fruit in each window once the player pulls the handle.

Snail racing was organised by Audrey Davis, who plucked 20 snails from her garden on Sunday morning. Players were encouraged to pick one and hope that it reached the centre of a circle first, enticed in by lettuce.

One of the big attractions was the 75-meter waterslide from the top of the dunes down to Par beach. It’s a gulley lined with heavy waterproof plastic and youngsters slide down to the sea pushed along by a jet of water fed through a hose. Keith Bradford says the water slide was a big success with the kids and it was hard getting some of the youngsters off the attraction.

The money raised will go towards the St Martin’s community hall. In March this year, the project received £675,000 funding from Defra and the Local Action Group has also offered almost £100,000 for fixtures and fittings.

The rest of the money for the development, which will include a gym, doctors’ surgery and meeting and storage rooms, will be raised by the community.

The new facility is expected to open next year.

See photos from this year’s fete in our gallery here.