Staff Restructuring At School To Be Reversed

The Five Islands School

The staff restructuring at the Five Islands School, implemented by the outgoing head teacher Bryce Wilby, is to be reversed.

Chair of governors, Ben Julian, said the board had realised that the current structure wasn’t working and decided to revert to the former set up.

He stressed that this was not a reaction to the staff petition and subsequent report written by education consultant John Sullivan, as staff and governors haven’t seen a copy of that yet.

Ben said the recommendation to scrap the restructuring came from the senior management team at the school. The changes had mainly affected middle management at the school, particularly the leads at each of the off-island bases. However, Ben said there was always a plan to review the changes after they’d been in place for a few months.

Some staff were re-graded, with a potential loss in salary, but Director of Finance, Peter Lawrence-Roberts, says that scrapping the changes would be ‘budget neutral’ as salaries are protected for three years in any case.

However, it’s unclear whether other budget savings, possibly including a reduction in staffing numbers, will now need to be found over the this period.

At the time, former head Bryce Wilby said the changes were made because there were too many management roles at the school and he wanted to address potential budget restrictions without the need for redundancies.

Peter added that new head teacher, when appointed, will determine the most appropriate structure for the school.

Ben also confirmed that the school will be getting a new English teacher. Beverley Knox, who has been working in Germany, will be starting in September.


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