Councillor Warning Over BIH Debts

The Town Hall

A St Mary’s councillor says he wants to make sure British International Helicopters pay off the six-figure sum they owe soon.

Gordon Bilsborough believes that the company’s decision to suspend flights in October, to fulfil a military contract, indicates they don’t have Scilly’s interests at heart.

He says they have owed the council substantial amounts previously, which have required negotiation to settle, and he doesn’t want the islands’ ratepayers to be at any risk.

Peter Lawrence, director of finance at the Town Hall, says the firm owe £143,650. £51,000 is not actually due for payment until the end of September, and that leaves  £92,650 owed at the moment.

Peter says they have broadly been honouring their terms. Where they have occasionally ‘slipped’ they have responded to his reminders.

Peter says he continues to chase BIH debt.

The bills for October will be in a special category as they will all fall due after the service has ended and Peter will discuss with members and colleagues the best way to deal with that.

BIH didn’t respond to our request for a comment.