TV Exposure Brings Extra Tourism Web Hits

Monday night’s ITV1 programme devoted to Scilly, part of the ‘Countrywise’ series, generated the highest number of single visits to the tourist board website so far this year. received 22,821 site visitors. An average day would bring around 8,000.

The 30 minute programme featured host Paul Heiney interviewing Tresco Abbey Gardens curator Mike Nelhams in the gardens and around the island.

Mark and Suzie Groves were shown on a seal safari and Bishop Rock boat trip, while Tim and Sue Hicks talked about their St Agnes-made ice-cream.

It’s hoped that the increased number of downloads of the brochure, three times the normal rate, will bring extra bookings.

Yesterday the programme hadn’t created a noticeable increase in phone requests for the guide. Just 12 brochures were requested because of the broadcast. An average day will bring 6 calls.