School Report Unlikely Before Start Of New Term

The Five Islands School

The final report into the suspension of the Five Islands School head teacher, Bryce Wilby, won’t be completed until the next school term starts.

Chairman of the islands’ council, Mike Hicks, says he hopes that the work by Cornwall Council’s auditors will show that the Town Hall has acted properly.

Speaking about the allegations that led to Bryce Wilby’s suspension, Mike said, “we did say there were financial irregularities and it would be nice if we could publish elements of that which would prove the council were right.”

Last month Mike said he wanted the final report to be made available publicly.

But director of finance Peter Lawrence-Roberts says he may need to check with lawyers what can be released, “in the context of the law and data protection.”

And Mike agrees with that.

When the report is finished, Peter says he’ll discuss its release with the chairman of the school governors and the council chairman, but Mike believes council members should see it first and, “have the last say” on what is made public. He says that the community deserves to see, “the meat of the statement” although he says it’ll need to be “trimmed a bit” if there are implications for certain individuals, he says.

Whilst the final report may not be released in entirety or even at all, Peter Lawrence-Roberts says the head teacher will be able to view any section that it is appropriate and which relates to him.

The investigating team continued questioning staff and governors last week but need to talk with Bryce before they finish, and he’s unavailable until September 6th when his union rep returns from holiday.

Bryce says he can’t comment whilst he is still employed by the LEA but says his first interview will be with Radio Scilly when he is legally allowed to talk.


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