Life Vest Raises Alert For Irish Coastguard

Scilly’s IFCA team were surprised to get a call last Friday from the Irish Coastguard asking if their fisheries boat was alright.

They’d recovered a horseshoe lifebelt from Rosslare Harbour in County Wexford with the name of the IFCA RIB, the Matt Lethbridge, on it and they were worried it might have got into trouble.

Maritime Officer Steve Watt said the life preserver had been dislodged from the vessel the previous Friday, during a patrol by Doug Holt in rough seas near Bishop Rock lighthouse.

He said Rosslare is almost 100 miles due north of the islands and the vest must have been carried by last week’s strong southerly winds.

And Steve said it was good detective work on behalf of the Irish as the vest didn’t even have ‘Isles of Scilly’ written on it. He suspects it’s probably hanging on a pub wall in Rosslare by now.