Hospital Unveils New X-ray System

St Mary’s hospital

Patients no longer need to travel to the mainland for X-rays after St Mary’s hospital has installed a state-of-the-art digital system.

Peninsular Community Health, which now operates the hospital, has bought the new machine, made by Philips and the first of its kind in the UK. It can be adjusted to each patient and can take a range of images including chest X-rays.

Joan Mills, who was a radiographer at the hospital, unveiled it and recounted how X-rays had to be rushed to the airport to be flown to the mainland when the former facility was operational.

In the same way that you can email digital photographs, this machine links up to consultant radiologists at Treliske, so an instant diagnosis can be made.

Clive Acraman, manager for West Cornwall and the islands, says the investment will provide an improved service for islands’ patients and forms part of the modernisation of the minor injuries unit.

After the unveiling, Lesley Thomas, who was one of two Olympic torchbearers from the islands, X-rayed her torch to demonstrate the machine’s capabilities.