Local Man Expresses Concern Over Waste Management

Pendrethen Quarry

A St Mary’s man has written to some councillors and the Government outlining his concerns for the ongoing waste management issues on the islands.

Ray Wornes spearheaded opposition to dumping at Bar Point and Pendrethen in the late 1980s, action that led to a public enquiry.

Now he’s concerned at the prospect of inert ash and waste from Moorwell being dumped there or elsewhere on the island.

We understand that SLR, the consultants the Town Hall pay to advise on waste strategy, are currently assessing the merits of different sites and options, although the Town Hall press office states that no reports or options appraisal has been presented and no suitable sites have been determined or excluded.

The Council added that the remit of SLR is to explore possible options for the ‘sensitive reuse of inert materials’ on the islands.

Recently, councillors heard that waste material from Moorwell could not be used to fill and sink the pre-cast bases for the proposed St Mary’s harbour extension because of the risk of chemicals leaking.

Vice chairman of Council Amanda Martin says she’s heard Ray’s concerns over fly ash and waste dumping and she’s taking the matter seriously. She wants the whole issue looked at and future plans monitored very closely.

Amanda says she has not been told about the consultants’ plans or proposals.

Ray says a recent council General Purposes meeting suggested that an additional incinerator site could be sought. He says there should not be a new burner at all, and believes that the gases and smoke released does little to enhance our ecology and promote environmental tourism.

His letter to councillors outlined suggestions for future waste management, including shipping waste to the mainland.

The Council has confirmed that work being undertaken around Bar Point and Pendrethen over the next few weeks won’t be dumping. A new crusher belonging to Diccon Rogers will be breaking up granite, concrete and block materials. Separated screenings of building rubble and some of the blockwork demolished on the sports hall site will be processed for future use.

The Council says this method of recycling is commendable as it avoids carbon debt costs of importing rubble material for building.

The equipment for this project was part-funded by Local Action Group funding.


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