Follow Up To ‘Island Ingredient’ Planned

Toby Tobin-Dougan

Another book featuring images of St Martin’s and recipes developed at the islands’ bakery is set to hit the printing presses.

Toby Tobin-Dougan is launching a follow-up to his glossy coffee-table cookbook, The Island Ingredient, four years after the first edition was featured during his appearances on TV’s An Island Parish.

Toby said the idea came one winter when he was morose, miserable and lonely. He says his recent experience in losing the Seven Stones inn and the bakery because through bankruptcy has given him plenty of free time and the opportunity to put his thoughts on paper once again.

He’s been writing for a month and trying out a different recipe every day. This time, gluten-free food will feature prominently.

Toby says the book, as yet unnamed, will follow a diary-type approach, documenting the last year up until Autumn 2011.

His personal account of his business problems won’t feature in this edition but may appear in a third work.

He’s been told that a second instalment is likely to increase sales of the first book as well, and he plans to have 5,000 copies published by next Easter. Preparing the book has been quite cathartic he says.