Costly Night Out In Scilly

St Mary’s Quay

Ever woken up after a night out and realised you’ve spent more than you thought you had?

A seasonal worker on St Mary’s must have felt that when he awoke on Tuesday morning.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says he became aware of a heavily intoxicated man outside the cashpoint late on Monday evening. Colin was worried for his safety because he appeared to be meandering and walking slowly and he fell over completely by the Slip Inn.

To Colin’s surprise, the man started throwing bank notes from his pocket over the wall into the sea.

Colin stood behind and watched as the man made his way safely into the Harbourside Hotel and thought that was the last he would see of him, until the worker turned up at the police station the next day wanting assistance.

He said he’d lost his job and had no money for the fare back to Cornwall.

The police can’t offer cash and Colin pointed him towards the Council’s Social Services department, although he could have suggested going down to the quay at low water to see whether he could find any of his scattered wages.