Tesco Will Drop Review If Helicopter Company Gives Assurances

Tesco says they’ll drop their judicial review if British International Helicopters promise to relocate their heliport to another site in Cornwall,

The helicopter company cited the superstore’s legal challenge as one of the reasons for stopping the service to the Isles of Scilly from the start of November.

Tesco maintain that their objection is just, because they want money BIH raises from the heliport sale to Sainsbury’s, to go into continuing the service.

But yesterday evening Tesco said the helicopter firm had not offered them the assurances they wanted, so the legal objection to the planning permission still stands.

BIH won’t comment on Tesco’s statement or say whether there are any other issues remaining that would prevent them seeking another site.

On Monday, the Council chief executive Philip Hygate, chairman Mike Hicks and BIH chief executive Tony Jones, met with MP Andrew George in Penzance.

Mike says our Council went along to see “whether there was life beyond the end of October.” He said he attended in “a supportive role” and says the Council will do what they can to help save the service on behalf of the community.

But other than another operator coming in, Mike says he remains pessimistic about the future of the rotary service.