Old Town Traffic Calming Plans By September

Measures to try and reduce the speed of vehicles driving through Old Town should be in place by the start of the school term.

Yesterday, Councillors Brian Lowen and Fred Ticehurst met with the Council’s Director of Technical Services, Neville Gardner and the Islands’ police chief, Sergeant Colin Taylor, to discuss how to encourage slower driving.

Brian says there have been concerns about youngsters running across the road from Ennor Close towards Val’s Place shop. Colin says he too is most concerned about the speed of vehicles from the airport turn towards Ennor Close.

Yesterday’s meeting decided that a ‘slow’ message will be painted on the road opposite Ennor House.

Councillors have already agreed to employ a school patrol person for 7.5 hours a week during term time. That job vacancy closes this week.

Zig-zags will be used to reinforce that crossing and will mark the road opposite Nowhere. There’ll be no parking within that area and the police will be able to enforce that.

Devon and Cornwall force had concerns over how they’d regulate the 20mph speed reduction without major changes being made to the road layout, such as chicanes and speed bumps, so drivers are aware they’re entering a reduced speed area.

Brian Lowen says another disadvantage of a lower speed limit would be that the road through Old Town, which is currently an ‘A’ road, would be reclassified, and that could reduce Government grants for road maintenance and repair paid to the Council.


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