Neighbour Complains About Noise From Hotel Function

A neighbour of Tregarthen’s Hotel says the venue did little to reduce noise during a private function on Saturday night.

Roger Page says he couldn’t get an answer when he phoned to complain about disco music escaping through open doors and windows. He says he’s been in a flat in the nearby Bank area for nine years and hasn’t known such a situation before.

Tregarthen’s Manager Carina Luscombe says Roger’s complaint about their balcony being used for sea shanty singing after 1am isn’t correct. She says that most of the half-dozen smokers on the terrace at that time were from up-country and would be unlikely to know the words to Cornish sea shanty songs.

Carina maintains that the music stopped by 1am and hotel staff followed a police recommendation that the sound system should be placed in the restaurant to minimise noise outside.

Although the license was granted until 2am she called time around 1.10am and police were surprised to find the venue empty and in the dark when they came to check.

Roger says the former management used to let people in the vicinity know about events and Carina admitted that neighbours weren’t directly informed.

Carina says that many islanders were aware of the private function and there would have been noise wherever it was held. She added that there haven’t been many of these functions at Tregarthen’s over the last decade, which would possibly explain why the situation hasn’t happened before.

But Roger believes that hotel management will wonder why neighbours will complain at their next license renewal or temporary events notice application.


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