Crane To Be Positioned In Porthcressa

A crane is coming today for work on the Porthcressa workspace, housing and amenity building, as part of the regeneration project.

The 40-ton, all-terrain mobile vehicle will arrive on Town Beach on the landing craft at 2pm. It is about the size of the haulage company’s largest lorries.

It will be positioned in the middle of lot 2 and will be able to reach all of the areas, so should not have to move. It will then move to lot 3 to lift the steel columns and beams into position.

The Council’s Diana Mompoloki says there will be access to all properties and businesses in the area at all times, although it may be a tight squeeze.

The fencing on the library site has been moved back to make as much space as possible. There will be a crane supervisor on site at all times during operations to ensure the safety of all pedestrians and vehicles in the area.

The crane will be de-rigged every evening and not start work before 8am. It’ll be on site for two to three weeks.


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