RFU Want To Maintain Island Links

Twenty youngsters from St Mary’s have spent the weekend learning the rules of rugby then putting those new skills into practice with a family touch rugby tournament.

It’s the 10th year that Mike Bratt, the development officer for the RFU in Cornwall, has been over for the weekend session on Porthcressa.

Mike says his annual Scilly sessions are here to stay because the national RFU wants to keep the ”furthest-west club in England” included in their activities.

Olympic events have interested many youngsters this summer and Mike expects that the inclusion of rugby sevens in the Rio Olympics will heighten interest in the game in the run up to 2016.

Both boys and girls played this weekend and with women’s rugby now being fully integrated into the RFU, Mike says it’s a growth area for the sport.

Mike says one thing which stands out to him is that the islands’ youngsters are much more confident and also seem to work better as a team and support each other better than some of the Cornish children that he coaches.

Smaller communities like ours will be helped by new RFU rules, which reduce the required team sizes. Mike thinks that will make next year’s session better as it will allow them to focus more on skills.