Fire Fighters Warn On Forest Fires

Scilly’s chief fire officer, Declan Ridsdale, is urging parents to talk to their children about the dangers of fire spreading following barbeques and bonfires.

St Mary’s fire fighters were called out at around 1.30pm on Saturday afternoon to attend a smouldering tree stump, which had been used during an overnight camp in the pine belt near Trenoweth.

Declan warned there’s a large amount of compacted pine needles at the site and if a fire were to start, there could be serious problems. He says the area could be destroyed if a bonfire burns out of control there.

A similar fire on Bryher a few years ago and that took three days to get under control.

Declan says people should light fires away from the forested area and recommends parents keep an eye on their children.

He added the young people involved had tried to do the sensible thing and keep the fire off the ground, but he still wants to have a chat with their parents over the next few days.