Helicopter Crash Survivor Laid To Rest Off Scilly

One of the six survivors of the 1983 helicopter crash has finally been laid to rest at the site of the accident.

Lucille Langley-Williams died last year and requested in her will that her ashes be scattered at the site where the helicopter ditched.

The crash happened as the aircraft was approaching St Mary’s airport in poor visibility and Lucille kept up the spirits of the survivors floating in the water by assuring them that Matt Lethbridge, the coxswain of the lifeboat, would be on his way.

Lucille was a very well known figure on St Mary’s in the time she lived here, becoming a Councillor, secretary of the islands’ Community Health Council, a member of the Theatre Club and Scillonian Entertainers, and Chair of the Ladies Lifeboat Guild.

The request for permission to scatter her ashes came from her nephew, Keith Saynor of Windsor, in a letter to Lifeboat Operations Manager Chris Thomas.

Keith scattered Lucille’s ashes from the stern of the lifeboat, under the command of coxswain Stuart Hitchens, on Wednesday.