Scilly To Feature On BBC’s One Show This Autumn

Scilly will feature three times on BBC’s The One Show this autumn and tourism bosses are hoping it’ll bring a boost to the islands’ tourism economy.

Economic Development Officer, Julian Pearce, says that coverage is “really positive” for Scilly. He says there’s usually increased website activity and phone enquiries at the TIC after such exposure on the BBC1 magazine show.

The programme regularly attracts audiences of 5m, around five times that of the BBC2 series, An Island Parish, which was recognised for offering a boost to tourism here.

The short features, which are under five minutes in duration, will focus on Scilly as a haven for wildlife lovers and one of the best destinations for photographers who want to capture stunning landscape views.

Last month, comedian Joe Pasquale was filmed swimming with seals with Mark and Susie Groves around the Eastern Isles. That will air on the 16th November.

Presenter Mike Dilger took a trip out to look for Storm Petrels with Jo Pender. That will be transmitted on November 6th.

This week, presenter Jamie Crawford filmed at Bar Point, Peninnis and the Bishop Rock as part of a series called ‘Screensaver Britain’ which highlights the beauty of far-flung corners of the UK.

Producer Nick Small said not all the footage will be used because the weather wasn’t great, but some of the material is stunning and Scilly looks exotic with its turquoise seas.

Logistically, filming here was a challenge he said and the crew found a lack of Sunday flights and businesses not taking credit cards an inconvenience.

Julian is hopefully the viewers can be converted to Scilly visitors. He says the programmes will brings the islands to the attention of a wider audience and create a “reason to book now” feeling.

And he says that when people are asked about the islands, many say they have always wanted to come here and exposure like this helps prompt them into action.


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